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Discover Your Aliveness 


Understand your  true erotic nature (not what everyone else wants) , connect to your deep desires authentically and enliven your orgasmic experience to feel  confident and expressive in the bedroom and beyond. 


Enlighten your eros and learn sacred sexuality principles and techniques to be the best lover to yourself and your partners.  Link your sexuality and your spirituality. Connect into your powerful cosmic sexual connection.  


Learn to hold greater sexual potency in your body to experience stronger erections and develop greater ejaculation mastery. 



Mens Nude Yoga & Tantric Self Intimacy Guide 

I am a Light Warrior anchoring 5D Sexuality into our new paradigm. 

I guide men in nude yoga, tantra, and tantric self intimacy to feel connection to their own body and desires, to bring healing to sexual hangups and blockages, and to empower men spiritually and sexually.


Go back 5 years and I was a yogi who was great at downward facing dog, and who was secretly ashamed. I was disconnected from my eros and my sexuality after growing up as a confused gay teenager and taking on layers of shame and insecurity from some pretty shitty intimate encounters. I didn't know how to understand the  connection between my spiritual self and my sexual self. I was stuck in a cycle which was protecting me from hurt, but keeping me trapped and disconnected intimately.  


After exploring tantra, I found nude yoga & sacred sexuality. Nude yoga stripped me bare (literally and metaphorically)! Something about the shared vulnerability with other naked men allowed me to become free and unencumbered in my body. I began feeling proud of my body and connected to myself.


Tantric Self Intimacy practice enhanced that connection to my erotic nature, allowing me to heal sexual dysfunction and to find a practice which connected me deeply into my self. I began to become empowered in my own sexual expression and my desires. Ultimately, my sexuality began to fuel my spiritual practice as I became unified within myself. 


Now, I guide men in nude yoga, energetic-tantric yoga, and embodied self intimacy to connect back into their bodies, to integrate sex and spirit, and to feel secure in their intimate connection and their relationship to their desires. 

As a guide I hold the permission piece for you to explore all the aspects of who you are: physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual and more.


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1-to-1 YOGA 

Allow one-on-one or small group privates to bring you the ultimate comfort and ease in your practice. Explore either nude yoga, nude tantric-energetic yoga, or clothed practices. Choose either online or in-person and I'll work with you to build a tailored practice suited to your needs, your goals and what you wish to explore. Perfect for beginners who want to explore what yoga has to offer, through to established yogis who would like a personalised approach to deepen their practice. 


  • Canberra (In-Person) - Sunday & Monday, fortnightly.

  • Snowy Mountains (In-Person) - Cooma, Jindabyne and surrounding region - regular availability - enquire below. 

  • Online - regular availability. 

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Love the collective energy of a group class? 



Monday 6.15pm - Men's Nude Yoga, 60min - Kingston, Canberra

Want to try yoga with me now? - Here's three on-demand Yoga Classes you can do right now at home. No catches, no charge.  




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