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Connection to your breath is connection to your life-force 

Breathing Meditation

Who is it for? 

Breathwork is for anyone who wishes to: 

  • Destress and promote relaxation; 

  • Learn how to breathe for better health and physical performance;

  • Connect to your mindfulness, meditation and spirit (learning to work with the breath is fundamental to meditation practice).  

  • Connect to trance-states for release, healing and clarity. 

What do we do? 

I am trained in yogic breathwork, through my 500hr certifications. Together, we will work on your breathwork goals.  We will start from where you are: covering the foundations of breathwork and moving into advanced techniques that take you to where you want to go. For example: if you wish to improve your fitness performance I'll take you through breath tools to get you there. If you wish to connect into trace-states for healing you will be guided into dynamic breathwork practices to activate your body and bring you into these healing states. 

Breathwork, like all modalities I offer, can be inbuilt into your unique journey or focussed on as a standalone practice. 

Modalities including energy healing, light language healing, tantra and embodiment incorporate breathwork. 

How do I begin? 

Enquire now to have a complimentary 30 min chat with me to discuss your goals. All of my work is offered in packages. 

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