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Who is it for? 

Light Language & Energy Healing is for anybody who wants to: 

  • Connect into your spirituality and cosmic self; 

  • Connect to your embodiment, meditation and spirit;

  • Work with the ascension energies to anchor high vibrational light energy into your body;

  • Activate your spirit and connect to cosmic guidance;

  • Connect to your inner light warrior, the subtle realm and more. 

What is Light Language? 

Light language is channelled frequencies that come through as a 'language' or series of sounds, written codes, spoken word, or even telepathically. Each human being has their own signature light language frequencies - they are your unique soul blueprint and carry powerful healing, soothing and activating energies. 

Light codes, like light language, are a form of energetic healing which come through my physical body - typically my heart centre and my hands. I use crystals to further support this energy transfer. Together with light language, this form of energy healing permeates to your cells and your energetic body working on your subtle layers of being to harmonise, align and activate your energy body. 


1-1 Sessions: What happens? 

A session will begin by setting a safe container and calling in your inter-dimensional team (angels, galactic team, higher self and/ or ancestors from the earth/ the stars). Breathwork, embodiment work, visualisation and meditation will guide you into your body or a meditative state. As guided (and only as guided) I transfer energetic light codes and light language into your physical body and energetic body. 

No two sessions will be the same. I work with what comes through your intention, your galactic team & my higher intuition. 

This is not a 'physical energetic healing' practice such as reiki. Although physical benefits may be experienced, this practice is designed to awaken you into your higher self, activate your energetic body, connect you into the stars, and awaken you to your galactic gifts. 

Light language & energetic healing can be mixed with my other offerings as part of your unique package, or done as a standalone focus.

How do I begin? 

Enquire now to have a complimentary 30 min chat with me to discuss what you're going through and why you'd like to explore this healing.  All of my work is offered in packages.  Alternatively, you may wish to begin by purchasing a light language product above. 

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