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I'm Andreas. I help gay, bisexual & queer men embody their confident sexual and spiritual nature so they can finally feel attractive,  magnetise the right man, and walk out of the house each day knowing they're living their life on-purpose.   

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My method empowers your mindset, your physical body, and your soul. This is how:

  • Using the freakishly accurate power of human design, I pinpoint how you can quickly remove blockages to your unique flow, and give you actionable next steps to cultivate success and satisfaction in your life.   

  • Tantra takes your sexual experience to the next level so you can clear any murkiness in your sexual energy, heal sexual blockages and reclaim your vitality. 

  • Through Nude Yoga or Embodiment Practice you learn to deeply listen to your intuitive voice and body's wisdom to develop self love, body confidence and trust in your body. 

  • I use Light Language Energy & Sound Healing to safely open your spirit to the mysteries of the universe so you can receive divine clarity & guidance, without fear or overwhelm.



About Me 

My vision is to help people connect their sexuality and their spirituality together as one, so that our world no longer experiences the trauma from these two powerful energies being separated.


Blending tantra, mindset and embodiment, I help men who love men make sense of their sexual and spiritual awakening.


In today’s society, we often fracture ourselves into little siloes of spiritual and sexual, feeling like they can’t co-exist. I help people make sense of both, so that they can come home to their own body as one.


Through my human design readings, nude yoga, tantric embodiment and sound energy healing practices, I teach people to listen deeply to their intuitive voice and body’s wisdom to develop self-love, body confidence and trust.


As a queer teenager, I felt disconnected from my authentic essence, my physical body and my sexuality, which led me on a healing and spiritual journey of discovery.


I am a 500hr registered yoga teacher through Yoga Australia and a certified Self Pleasure Practitioner through the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. I studied Human Design under the incredible leadership of Erin Clare Jones and am now an affiliate of the Human Design Book -  Blueprint. Despite being an experienced yoga teacher, I was petrified at the thought of nude yoga - but I knew I had to try it. What I discovered in that very first class is what has had me hooked ever since.


When you strip yourself bare, almost magically your prejudice towards being naked is also stripped away too. You learn how to be in your nude body with or without sexual connotation attached. There came a moment after practice when I realised that I was born naked, that my clothes are not a part of my body, and that my true body is always naked.


I also wondered how anyone else would ever want to try a nude yoga or tantric class, especially when I was so terrified. I wanted everyone to feel the pure elation and homecoming in my body that I felt - and so my offerings were created with safety and permission at their core. 


I love watching people rediscover their body in new ways, drop former body shame, and contextualise their own body while they move with it. People leave my classes feeling empowered, safe, and sexually and spiritually aligned - finally feeling at home in their own body.


I work with all people one-on-one as a human design reader, naked yoga teacher, tantric guide and energy mystic and offer queer men’s tantric workshop and retreat experiences.  I love taking people on their own unique journey, weaving the sacred practices that I offer together just in the right way, to meet you where you're at and guide you into your greatness. 


I’m a huge movie buff (I worked at a Video Ezy for nearly 8 years!), architecture and design enthusiast, and RuPaul’s Drag Race fan.


If you’re ready to connect your mindset, body and your spirit together, so you feel empowered to follow your true desires and enjoy the life you deeply dream of, I want to work with you. Checkout my free offerings to get to know me more.  

You can learn more about me and my work by listening to one of the recent podcasts I've spoken on. 



Phone: +61 448 174 194

About Me
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