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Human Design Readings

The life manual everyone wishes they'd always had.  

Who were you born to be? 


Who is it for? 

Human Design is for everyone looking for guidance and clarity...

Human Design is an in-depth system that shows you how to live with the most ease, purpose & flow. Your chart will reveal where your innate strengths lie, and where your challenges and lessons in life are. Based on your birth date, time and location, the human design chart utilises western astrology, the hexagram, the chakra system, I-ching and more. Through your chart reading you can learn more about:

  • Who you are, your aura-type, and your strategy in life; 

  • How to make decisions based on your unique design; 

  • Your innate strengths and areas of opportunity; 

  • How to thrive in your career; 

  • How to thrive in your relationships;

  • Even how to parent your child, in line with their design, whilst looking after yourself! 

  • + more! 

Human Design was the absolute permission piece I needed  to allow me to finally accept my strengths and who I am (especially the traits within me that I resisted). The system showed me where I wasn't living in alignment with how my body, mind and soul have been hard-wired to be and where that resistance was creating blockages and unnecessary challenges in my life.  

Read more about human design here

What do we do? 

In a 75 minute zoom session Andreas will go over your chart details, how to apply them to your life, and guide you through what your chart reveals about your design (and what to do about it)!

If you've got questions we will work with your chart to discover what it reveals. 


As a bonus, in addition to your session you will receive:

  • a full recording of the session;

  • your unique digital "cheat sheet" summarising the key features of your design.  

Client Experiences 

How do I begin? 

Start with a Foundational Session where we will go over the key elements of your chart. This is more than enough to make huge changes in how much ease you can bring into your life. Once you have integrated the foundations, if you wish to go deeper, book an Advanced Session