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Embark Upon a Long-Weekend Tantric Retreat to Discover Yourself & Grow Through Deeper Connections


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Do you want to feel more connected to yourself in both mind and body? Are you ready to explore the power contained within heartful, erotic connections? An exciting new experience awaits you at my tantric retreat for men who love men. This retreat can be a transformative opportunity or a fresh beginning.


Is a Gay, Bisexual & Queer Tantric Yoga Retreat the Place for You?


Stepping back from daily life to explore yourself and connect with others can be an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting. How will you know if this is the right fit for you? Here's what I believe: looking inward can help reveal the answer. This retreat is for men who:


  • Want a unique experience that can transform how they connect with their sexuality, body, and spirit.

  • Are curious about yoga and tantric practices.

  • Desire to know more about integrating sexual energy into their lives.

  • Enjoy trying new things and love to explore boundaries with a curious mind.

  • Are ready to work towards a life full of passion and fulfilment.

Where do the retreats take place? 


Set on 38 sprawling acres of Australian bushland, the Yanada Retreat Centre lies in the lush countryside surrounding the MacDonald River. I chose to use this environment for gay tantric retreats because it is the ideal space to disconnect from the chaos of daily life.


Our retreat will take place at the following address from 15 to 18 March 2024:


The Yanada Retreat Center

1741 St. Albans Road, St. Albans

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Join us and enjoy beautiful accommodation with amenities that will make the weekend even more magical. A pool and heated spa provide excellent areas for relaxation and self-exploration. An on-site massage therapist can help your anxieties and aches melt away. Meals are included, and guests on the retreat will enjoy fully catered meals from a delicious and exciting vegetarian menu.

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Tantric Retreat 254.jpeg

What will you experience during the retreat?


I designed this retreat to help other men break down barriers — within themselves and with others. At the same time, I hope every participant will learn something new. To come away with a stronger sense of oneself and a deeper connection to sexuality and wellbeing will be our mutual measure of success. During the retreat, you can:


  1. Connect with yourself – and other men, too. Enjoy a safe, nourishing, and liberating environment to embrace your true self.

  2. Join other participants in making the retreat a sacred temple sanctuary to explore erotic energy.

  3. Learn how to integrate this energy into your being and feel empowered in daily life.

  4. Explore deeper self-connection and grounding through nude yoga.

  5. Discover the power of tantric practices individually, with a partner, and in a group.

  6. Connect and unlock the layers of your sexual energy and learn from others in group discussions.


My goal: ensure that this retreat provides you with a powerfully positive memory. Feel empowered, energised, and connected to your sexuality and how it flows through life. Leave ready to use your renewed passion and deepened confidence to take on the world.

All about me — your host, Andreas


Growing up as a gay man, I often struggled to integrate or fully understand my sexuality as an element of myself. Finding wholeness, enjoyment, and peace within this framework was challenging. Beginning with a strong background in yoga, I wanted to know more.


Today, I teach men's nude yoga in Canberra, supporting men with 1-on-1 tantric coaching and sacred sexuality education. These services complement my broader experience in spiritual coaching and healing. I am a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Australia with more than 500 hours of experience. Additionally, I am a New Paradigm Intimacy-certified Self Pleasure Practitioner.


I am excited to share the intimate and liberating sexual teachings that I practice in this safe and empowering men’s retreat.

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Meet your co-host, Corey - The Tantric Healer


Corey is a First Nations Māori multidisciplinary healer and artist.

Corey blends his design background  and healing work, finding influence from physical, spiritual and life-skill learning. He has a certificate in Tarot and the context of the universe, has 10 years experience in mediumship with skills in psychometry (reading people and objects through touch) and has completed celebrating the Body Electric Australia.

Whilst living in South East Asia he studied various modalities including breath work, astral travel, chakra cleansing, sound healing, sacred grounding, and protection protocols and has built his healing practise around these modalities.

Retreat pricing & room options


There are several excellent options when booking your spot at my retreat.

Let The Ignite Package empower your confidence, love and comfortability in your skin. This package includes everything in the standard package plus a 30 minute private nude (or underwear) photoshoot with the incredibly talented, queer photographer, Jake Weisz. Receive 20 fully retouched, high-resolution photographs delivered digitally for your personal use. I've added this experience to the Men's Tantric Retreat because I have found nude professional photographer incredibly empowering along my own journey.   

The Standard Package  includes full access to all retreat workshops, included meals, accomodation and the luxurious facilities on site. 

Scholarships: To support young LGBTQ+ men access sacred sexual connections I am providing a limited number of scholarships to reduce the cost of the retreat by $250. Available to men 18-35 years. Please select the appropriate option in your application. 

Private Tantric Massage options will be given closer to the retreat start date, and are available for all package types. 


Find out more about our payment plan options in the FAQ section below.

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Add your email to get notified about future retreats

Thanks, you'll be kept in the loop

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Choose between Full Payment or Payment Plan Deposit
Further payment plan details are available in the FAQ. 




Upfront Payment

Payment Plan Deposit

Discover our itinerary and plan your retreat

From the moment you arrive to the day of departure, I've created an itinerary that provides a wide variety of opportunities for self-discovery, exploration, and learning. However, there are no mandatory sessions. You may visit with a session, enjoy a pre-booked massage, or simply relax at your leisure—the choice is yours.


DAY ONE: Awareness


Check-in Time: 4PM

Meals: Arrival snacks and dinner are included on this day.


Activity: Opening Circle. Get to know one another as we make introductions and enjoy arrival snacks.


Activity: Ritual, Respect, & Consent: The Naked Body

 In this undressing ritual we will tune into mutual respect for each other's nude bodies, and establish consent guidelines to set us up for an enjoyable and safe weekend together. 


 Activity: Awareness Meditation: Discover Your Body

 Rediscover your body in a new way as we explore a guided self-touch awareness meditation with tantric breathwork.


Evening Free Time

During free time on retreat, relax with other participants at the pool, in the heated spa, or wander the grounds and surrounding bushland. An on-site masseuse is available for pre-booked time-slots. 

[Arrival Snacks & Dinner is included on this day]


DAY TWO: Breath, Movement, Sound & Touch


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included on this day.


Activity: Morning Nude Partner Yoga & Meditation

Start the day stretching out your body.


Activity: Together We Breathe

This is no ordinary yoga breath work class! In small groups/ partnerships we will guide each other's breath to connect to our bodies, hearts and cocks. Discover how breath can enliven sexual energy throughout your body. 


Activity: The Ecstasy of Sound & Touch

In partners/ small groups we will explore touch sensations as we play with simple toys & tools. Discover soft, silky, scratchy, firm & more... Be guided in sound-making, a hidden secret of expanding sexual energy, pleasure and joy. 


Activity: Erotic Massage

Explore authentically connecting to the body and soul of your partner. Enjoy giving and receiving intentional touch to nurture, relax and expand pleasure.

Evening free time 

[Breakfast, lunch & dinner is included on this day]

DAY THREE - Polarity: Light & Darkness


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included on this day.


Activity: Morning Nude Partner Yoga & Meditation

Start the day stretching out your body and connecting to your heart & spirit. 


Activity: Dark Tantra

Let yourself be guided into your primal, dark and kinky nature within the safety of our conscious retreat space. This workshop will help you to let go and reclaim the parts of yourself you've been resisting or too scared to step into. 

1-1 Empowering Nude Photoshoot with Jake Weisz (Ignite Package)

& Afternoon Free time

Not to be missed, this exciting intimate 1-1 photoshoot experience will support your body image and expression. Jake is an excellent guide and will support you every step of the way through your photoshoot experience. 
Outside of the studio, enjoy afternoon free time by the spa and pool. 


Activity: Tantric Archetypal Play

Discover the 4 archetypal energies available to you within sex, intimacy and connection. Together we will explore our light, dark, masculine and feminine. Play and allow your erotic energy to be channelled into these roles with trust and permission. Uncover hidden parts of your erotic self and expand your experiences. 


Evening free time 

[Breakfast, lunch & dinner is included on this day]



DAY FOUR: Love & Union

Meals: Breakfast, & lunch are included on this day


Outdoor Morning Nude Yoga, Primal Movement, Meditation & Mantra

We will take a small hike (15 min each way) to explore nude yoga, primal movement and meditation in the natural bushland surroundings of Yanada. 


Heart Connection Ritual 

In partners/ small groups Corey will culminate your experience by bringing together the sensory tools of breath, movement, sound and touch in a guided intimate meditation practice. You will be able to connect with other men through the gateway of love, openness and curiosity. 


Closing Circle

We close the sacred space that we have created and shared together. 

Departure: 2PM

[Breakfast & lunch is included on this day]


Itinerary is a guide only and may change based on the needs of the attendees. 

All sessions are optional, participants may choose to attend a session, enjoy a pre-booked massage, or relax at their leisure.

Watch Corey Explain more about his 

Heart Connection Ritual

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this retreat right for you? It's understandable to have some questions—here's what to know.


Do I need to have experience in yoga or tantra to join this retreat?

Not at all. Everyone is welcome. This retreat is very beginner-friendly and covers the fundamentals of tantric practices. Likewise, all yoga classes will be friendly enough, even for first timers.

Is this a queer-friendly retreat?

Absolutely, yes. This retreat is for all men who love men regardless of their sexual or gender identity. As tantric experiences are shared intimately between participants, it is vital that everyone feels comfortable working with other men.

I'm a trans man. Is it safe for me to attend this retreat?

Yes. I work privately with trans men in both tantra and sacred sexuality. You are welcome to attend this retreat regardless of how your physical body outwardly presents. You are welcome here if you want to be in a men-focused environment. If you have questions, please reach out to me directly.

I'd like to attend with my partner. Does this retreat accept couples?

Yes, but there are some important things to know. We encourage couples to attend with a complete and clear understanding that you will not always be able to work together all the time. Understand that you and your partner will also work with other men.

This retreat isn't suitable for couples who only want to work with each other. However, I invite you to learn more about my private journeys if you want to explore options to focus on your partner only.

Who should NOT attend this retreat?

Anyone who doesn’t respect others’ boundaries or consent. Anyone who wants to participate in an activity involving sexual energy but doesn’t care to learn tantric principles which underpin the practice. Anyone opposed to modalities within the yoga-tantra practice, such as the group circle, meditation or chanting.


While all experiences are optional, respect for the practices is required by those who choose not to participate.


How much nudity is allowed on-site during the retreat?

The Yanada Retreat Center allows full nudity within their private venue, set on 38 acres. This includes the swimming pool and spa.

How sexual will this experience be?

In this retreat, we will work with the whole body in many senses. This includes the erotic, sensual, sexual, intimate, spiritual, mental and emotional elements. The practices will move with the group's energy, and we guide all intimate activities on the outside of the body only.


Nudity and sexual expression, including solo and mutual genital contact, will be welcome in most of our activities. However, your level of intimacy is always determined by your boundaries and those of men in the group.


What if I feel uncomfortable or that some of the practices aren't for me?

You’re always welcome to take an observational role or opt out of experiences if they do not feel right for you. Your sovereignty and personal safety are a key priority for me. I recognise that this work's intimate and vulnerable nature may mean that not every practice will feel aligned with you.

Why is there an application process to book the retreat?

The application process ensures everyone attending this retreat has the right intentions and expectations. This safety step helps to make everyone who does attend the retreat feel safe.

About the retreat’s venue, amenities, and meals

How do I travel to the retreat location?

Yanada Retreat is 2km outside the historic village of St Albans. It is 15 minutes from Wisemans Ferry and the Hawkesbury River. The retreat recommends that you DO NOT put Yanada into your GPS. Instead, navigate to Wisemen’s Ferry. From there, you can use the retreat's instructions on their website.


I don't or cannot drive. Is there a carpooling option available?

Yes. I will match willing drivers and riders for easier travel to Yanada, including carpooling options from Sydney and Canberra. Please note that carpooling cannot be guaranteed. You are also welcome to organise carpooling.

Can you accommodate my dietary requirements?

Please inform us of your dietary requirements at the time of booking. We must receive this information no later than two weeks prior to the retreat. All meals will be vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy free. Vegan options will be available on request. Unfortunately, the catering company cannot accommodate other allergies (e.g., nuts).

What is the drug and alcohol policy during the retreat?

As a yoga-tantra retreat, the over-consumption of alcohol is discouraged. Alcohol may limit your sensual experiences as it prohibits the ability to feel subtle energy and sensations. Illicit drugs are strictly not allowed at Yanada Retreat Centre.

Will there be towels and linen provided for attendees?

The accommodation at Yanada includes cotton linen, doonas, blankets, towels and basic toiletries. We ask that participants bring a swimming towel .We also suggest bringing one to two extra towels to use on yoga mats and for nude practice.


If I choose the payment plan option, when are the payment deadlines?

The payment deadline is 23rd February 2024 (4 weeks before the start date of the retreat).

What are the terms of the payment plan?

Failure to pay by 23rd February 2024 will result in the automatic cancellation of your reservation. Deposits are non-refundable. You can make payments in as many installments as you wish up to the payment deadline.

Please make payments to:

Andreas Embodiment BSB: 814 282 ACC: 51045497


Please include your name to ensure your repayment is linked to your reservation.


What is the policy for refunds or cancellations?

For cancellation up to three weeks before the retreat date, the difference between your non-refundable deposit ($600) and full payment amount will be returned. Alternatively, you may opt to move your booking to the next retreat. You may also use your payment (minus the non-refundable deposit) to offset the cost of a 1-1 private sessions package (available online or in-person in Canberra & Sydney). Transferring is available for a period of 12 months from date of original purchase. 


For cancellation within three weeks before the retreat date: if you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, such as exposure to COVID-19, you may move your booking to the next retreat or use your payment to offset the cost of other session packages as a credit (minus the $600 non-refundable deposit). Your payment is non-refundable.

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