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Human Design Parties

Understand your team like never before. 


Who is it for? 

Human Design parties are customised for groups of 4-6 people (contact Andreas to arrange a larger group) and more cost efficient then each individual paying for their own reading. They're perfect for: 

  • Corporate & Community teams - capitalise on your strengths, mitigate personality clashes, & understand how you and your team work best together. "Will individual team pods or a shared hotdesk work best for us?" Specify exactly what questions you want answered. Rob thrives in leadership and team collaboration, but that is Stacey's worst nightmare - it's better if she gets some autonomy. 

  • Family & Friendship groups - understand how everyone ticks so you can build long lasting relationships that feel good for the whole group. Understand your children's charts (including newborns) to set yourself up for parenting success. Dad generates strong emotions, but his daughter Tamara absorbs emotions like a sponge - no wonder she's been feeling so emotionally overwhelmed - now the family know what to look out for and how their energy impacts everyone else in the household. 

  • Team brunches, parties & more - Where is everyone best designed to sit in a restaurant? Is Allan a generator like Sue, or is he a projector like Geoff?  Let's have some fun and discover everyone's charts! ​

How does it work? 

Deliverable in person, or online. 

Discover each individuals key chart aspects, where your group can leverage collaboration easily, or where challenges and sticking points lie in your group dynamics.


Your human design reading will be presented in the form of a presentation (either digitally or in-person) over 2 hours. Each participant will also receive a free bonus A4 double sided summary sheet of their unique individual design so they can refer back to it later. Copies of the slides are also available for the team to refer back to.  

The presentation is designed to be fun as we compare and see each other's charts together. This is not a boring series of individual chart readings delivered back to back. Andreas creates a dynamic and engaging presentation, weaving each person's chart's through for easy comparison and insight. 

Investment: $399.00

In-person readings are offered in the Snowy Mountains & Canberra region, Australia or via discussion with Andreas. 


Client Experiences 

Brunch meetup

I had my chart read by Andreas at my friend's human design party and it was so much fun. He was wonderful at presenting and engaging with the whole party, I have learnt so much about my human design and I have recommended him to everyone as this was a great experience.



I had a reading done by Andreas with a group of friends and it honestly was so good!  I was a little bit hesitant as to how it would pan my surprise I actually really enjoyed it! Andreas did an amazing job at making sure you felt comfortable and explained everything in a way that was easy to listen to and understand. I now have a wealth of knowledge and a deeper understanding about myself. I highly recommend having a human design reading done with Andreas.


How do I begin? 

Pick your host. Your party host will be responsible for communicating with Andreas, making sure your group's payments are in order, and setting yourself up to have some fun. You can choose the vibe of your party to suit your team (on zoom, with wine at a dinner party, in the board-room, etc) and Andreas will show up with all of your human design chart details.  

Grab the cheese and bikkies, and let's have a human design party! 

  • Contact Andreas to organise a larger group;

  • Please allow atleast 2 weeks from date-of-booking to ensure Andreas can prepare your party; 

  • Upon Booking you will be asked to select a time for our pre-party zoom meeting. This is for the host to discuss with Andreas everything you want to know & get out of the party, and to discuss the nature of your group.  We will finalise the party date/ time at this pre-party meeting.