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Looking for Naked Male Yoga Classes?

My private and group classes are face-to-face in Canberra and online worldwide. Why naked male yoga? I first started attending nude yoga classes simply because I was terrified. Nude yoga gives you all the benefits of yoga, such as strength, flexibility, connection to breath and stress-reduction, to name just a few. In addition, it offers you:

  • Self-empowerment as you dismantle fears, shame and conditions around your body or being naked (outside of a sexual context).

  • The ability to strengthen your relationship with your body.

  • Friendships and connection to others through shared experience in vulnerability.

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man with bun on yoga mat

A Safe Space to be Fully in Your Body

My nude classes, including tantric male yoga, are a safe space for you to be fully in your body. Most people will be nervous before their first class. That is entirely normal, as it is breaking through your fears. Luckily, you will be supported by an inclusive environment and friendly students of all different ages (we’ve got guys from their early 20’s to their early 80’s), body shapes and sizes who will welcome you with open arms. Transgender men are warmly welcomed, as this is a safe LGBTQ+ space.

Current Regular In-Person Group Classes

These are fortnightly on Mondays from 18:30 to 19:30 at  Balanced Yoga in Kingston ACT. (View Group Class Pricing and Packages.)

1-on-1 Male Nude Yoga Private Classes

Nude Yoga promotes strength and flexibility, improves your relationship with your body and connection to both your sensuality and spirituality.  1-1 nude yoga sessions, and private couples nude yoga sessions with Andreas allow you to fully be seen and explore what nude yoga has to offer your connection in the safety of Andreas' full attention.

Casual class and package rates available - see FAQ. 

Tantric Nude Healing Unlocks Your Body’s Potential


Tantric nude healing combines tantric practice and energetic healing to create a powerful space to expand, heal, grow and connect. Andreas draws upon his 500-hour yoga teacher training, tantric experience and Self-Pleasure Practitioner qualification to deliver his modality. It is for open-hearted students who want to deepen their spiritual and sexual connection.

Tantra & Embodied Sexuality experiences are exclusive to  1-1 VIP Weekends  and 1-1 Coaching. This is a safe space to heal, expand your boundaries and explore intimate connection to self, another man, and spirit. 

  • Online classes are held globally.

  • In-person classes are held in Canberra & Sydney

What if you want a low-stakes approach to test the waters first?

It makes sense. This is not for just anyone. It takes a lot of balls to start exploring your layers in tantric practice. Embodied sexuality is an unexplored frontier for most, which offers a more connected, loving and potent form of sexual expression most people do not even have the language for. It can be daunting to go for it, and I know that because I felt exactly the same before my first-ever nude yoga class.

I have created a full, uncensored 60-minute tantric erotic self-touch class which you can do at home, at your own pace, when you are ready. Designed for men and everyone with a penis.

In this class, expect to see me vulnerably showing up raw to guide you in exploring:

  • Tantric breathwork to drop you into your body and connect you with your eros.

  • Erotic self-touch techniques from ancient sacred sexuality to spice up your self-intimacy.

  • Nude yoga sequences and poses to increase your sexual potency and feel good in your body.

  • Sexual energy work to show you how to move sexual energy up your spine and all around your body, the keystone to deepening your sexual potency.  

  • Learn the foundations of sacred sexuality to feel more confident, enhance your sexual confidence or link your sex and spirit.

1-on-1 Nude Yoga and Tantric Healing FAQs

Q: Who is this for?

A: Anyone who wishes to explore their intimate connection to themselves and their body.


Q: What are Andreas’ qualifications?

A: Andreas is a certified Self-Pleasure Practitioner through the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy, and a 500-hour yoga teacher registered through Yoga Australia.


Q: Do I need to be nude to do this?

A: No. If you wish to explore private yoga or embodied sexuality, clothed, this option is available to you.


Q: Are you nude, too?

A: Yes, unless a preference for clothed has been discussed.


Q: Do you recommend Zoom or in-person sessions?

A: Both. Zoom sessions are incredibly potent due to you being in your own safe space. You can do naked men's yoga and embodied sexuality and tantra with me anywhere in the world. The magic of the practice transcends physical distance. In-person sessions are available in Canberra regularly or Sydney (on request)     


Q: Where are the in-person sessions held?

A: I can either come to you, or I hold the sessions at a private studio in Canberra (Kingston), Sydney, and Snowy Mountains (Cooma).


Q: Do you touch me in the in-person sessions?

A: Yes, within the consent of both you and I. Nude yoga includes non-erotic touch focused on alignment and yoga adjustments. Tantra and embodied sexuality can include non-intimate touch and erotic touch (if this feels right for you).


Q: Is this like a tantric massage?

A: No. I am not a masseur or erotic massage therapist. My tantric experiences are not passive (that is, lay down and receive erotic touch). They include breathwork, mutual touch, energy work, yoga, sound healing, meditation and more.  


Q: How long do naked male yoga sessions last?

A: 60 minutes online, 90 minutes in-person. Discuss with Andreas if you'd prefer a different time frame. 


Q: What is the pricing for nude yoga privates? 

Tantra & Embodied Sexuality is exclusively available to VIP Weekend or 1:1 Coaching  


Q: Can I bring my partner or friend to my session?

A: Yes, you may bring a partner or friend to your session. Discuss with Andreas about pricing for private small group pricing. 


Q: Are special rates available?

A: 15% off Concession and student rates available. Afterpay and payment plans are accepted. Discuss with Andreas 

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