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Sacred sexuality is an unexplored frontier which offers a more connected, loving and potent form of sexual expression most of us don't even have language for - let alone a lived experience! It can be daunting to go for it. I know that because I felt exactly the same way before my first ever nude yoga class


So I created a full, uncensored 60 minute Tantric self touch class for men & anyone who has a penis. Learn the basics of tantric self intimacy with me at home, at your own pace. 


Expect to:  

  • Connect to your body and you eros through through tantric breathwork. . 

  • Spice up your self-intimacy by learning erotic self-touch techniques from ancient sacred sexuality practices. 

  • Increase your sexual potency and just FEEL GOOD in your body. 

  • Learn how to move sexual energy up your spine and into your higher energy centres (chakras) - the keystone to moving beyond lacklustre porn habits that always leave you wanting more. 

  • Feel confident in your body, and even link your sex & spirit by connecting to the foundations of sacred sexuality.

 Purchase for $21.95 AUD $17.95 AUD.  

Maybe you prefer a personal touch? You can go here to learn more about journeying nude yoga, tantric yoga and embodied self intimacy with me so you can feel more confident in your skin and connected to your body & sexuality. Online or in-person. 

gay men couple naked and smiling at each other kissing