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Yoga & Meditation

Your gateway into your cosmic self. 


Looking for Nude Yoga? 

Who is it for? 

Yoga & Meditation is for anybody who wants to: 

  • Destress and promote relaxation; 

  • Find more inner peace; 

  • Connect into your spirituality and cosmic self; 

  • Feel stronger, more flexible and more free in their physical body; 

  • Connect to your mindfulness, meditation and spirit;

  • Work with the ascension energies to anchor high vibrational light energy into your body;

What do we do? 

Yoga works with your physical body, your breath, and your energy body to bring you into a state of connected being. This makes it easier to enter into deeper states of meditation.  I always work with your direct needs and desires first. I will cater your journey to your focus. If you wish to focus on the physical yoga postures more, then we can do this to develop your physical practice - or we could focus solely on meditation. In my yoga programs breathwork and meditation are always incorporated as they are essential pillars to the complete yoga system. 

Yoga & Meditation can be incorporated with the other modalities I offer as part of your unique program. Or we can focus on this solely.  

How do I begin? 

Enquire now to have a complimentary 30 min chat with me to discuss your goals. All of my work is offered in packages. 

Here's a 45 minute Freebie Class for You!

During the lockdowns of 2021 I filmed an affordable live-streamed yoga series to support the community during that time. Here's one of those classes for you to get a feel for my energy. Mid way you might notice the moment that I discover there's a hole in my yoga pants oops! haha  Enjoy! 

- Andreas 

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