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  • You're an intuitive, open hearted man. 

  • You're sick of the gay hierarchy that prioritises abs, tans & fleeting hookups over genuine connections 

  • You can't seem to find like-minded men who want to go deeper.

  • You know your sexuality can offer deeply nourishing, soul connecting experiences...and yet no-one out there seems to want to explore that with you. 


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An online intimacy school where you can: 

  • Form nourishing connections with like minded men; 

  • Open your sexual energy, and explore sacred erotic practice in a safe online space so you can finally get out of seedy chat groups full of weird guys; 

  • Release the shame around sex & intimacy that's been holding you back so you can reclaim your pleasure and enjoy deep intimate connection; 

  • Develop lifelong intimate relationships with guys that get you. 


A 4 month, guided online intimacy school for men who love men.


January 2024 intake

Applications closed: January 10th 2024. 

Be notified of future rounds

Kickoff Call:

  • January 25th 2024, 12 noon Sydney (AEDT)

  • January 24th 2024, 5pm Los Angeles (PST)

  • January 24th 2024 7pm Chicago (CST)

  • January 24th 2024, 8 pm New York (EST)


We're experiencing a cost of living crisis globally. 

I have committed $3000 AUD into a scholarship fund to support all men experiencing financial difficulty to have greater access to this program.  

If you wish to enrol into the brotherhood, and think you would like the assistance of the scholarship fund, please indicate this in your application form and Andreas will be in touch. 

Further details in the FAQ

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Breathing Meditation

Questions? Ask me!

Whatsapp & Phone: +61 448 174 194

Instagram: @andreas.embodiment

Watch this! 


Is The Brotherhood right for you? It's understandable to have some questions—here's what to know.

Structure of the Program

How do the sessions work? 

The Brotherhood consists of 12x 90 minute LIVE sessions. There are three sessions each month. 

Two of these sessions are learning & sharing sessions. 

One session each month is a self-pleasure circle - an online live shared men's erotic practice to learn and explore the sacred sexuality principles we have discussed in the prior sessions. 

Online sessions are on Zoom in a password protected, encrypted online meeting room. 

Cameras will need to be on at all times, lurking is not welcome. 

What are the dates?

  • Access to online forum & app - mid January 2024

  • Kickoff Call - Late January 2024

  • Program Dates - January to May 2024

  • Access to brotherhood network = lifetime. 

Exact Dates will be finalised based on the day preferences of the participants of the round. 

What About Timezones? 
Although exact times will be finalised based on the preferences of the participants in each round, generally calls for each timezone are as follows: 

  • Australia - Around midday/ Early mornings for Western Australia. 

  • New Zealand - Early to mid afternoon

  • United Kingdom - late evenings (from 8pm onwards) 

  • United States - late afternoon/ early evenings depending on your location

  • If you're unsure about your timezone, email me or Whatsapp +61 448 174 194

January Round Call Dates

  • Sydney/ AEDT - Thursdays 12noon;

  • Los Angeles/ PST -Wednesdays at 5; 

  • Chicago/ CST - Wednesdays at 7;

  • New York/ EST - Wednesdays at 8. 


How much time will I have to invest to experience success from this program? 

Attending the 12x 90 minute sessions is enough to ensure you open your sexuality, release sexual blockages and gain confidence in your sex life. You will develop intimate bonds with the other brothers in the program by attending the live sessions alone. To take your experience into a deeper level, you have access to a group forum & mobile app which you can participate in as little or as much as you'd like. 

Are Recordings Available? 

Learning & Sharing sessions will be recorded. 

Self- Pleasure circles are strictly not recorded. Members unable to attend these live sessions will receive a take-home erotic practice to explore. 

What about Privacy? 

All clothed practices where we learn sacred sexuality techniques, share our experiences and connect through brotherhood will be recorded for internal use of brotherhood participants only. All self-pleasure circles are strictly not-recorded.

Everything Else You Want to Know

I'm scared I'm too unfit/ old/ young/ fem/ masc/ ______!? 

This is EXACTLY why The Brotherhood exists. There are enough exclusive places where you feel like you have to be a certain way in order to qualify. This is not that place. If your intentions are right, and a sacred sexuality school feels in resonance, then you can trust you're in the right place.

Will it work for me?

Ask the dozens of men who have attended my tantric retreats, classes & 1-1 coaching. I'm not promising a quick fix solution that will manifest you a boyfriend on command, what I'm promising is an enriching journey that will help you drop the shame and stories that are holding you back, get clear on your desires, open your sexual energy and create new relationships with guys that are like you, and that want to explore this stuff together. Step into my vortex. And hey, if you feel like you haven't gotten everything you wanted, my guarantee is that you can enter the next intake round for free (conditions apply).


Do I need to have experience in yoga or tantra to join?

Not at all. Everyone is welcome. This Brotherhood is  beginner-friendly and covers the fundamentals of sacred sexuality practices.

Is this a queer-friendly group?

Absolutely, yes. This retreat is for all men who love men regardless of their sexual or gender identity. As tantric experiences are shared intimately between participants, it is vital that everyone feels comfortable working with other men.

I'm a trans man. Is it safe for me to participate

Yes. I work privately with trans men in both tantra and sacred sexuality. You are welcome to participate egardless of how your physical body outwardly presents. You are welcome here if you want to be in a men-focused environment. If you have questions, please reach out to me directly.

I'd like to join with my partner. Can we both join? 

Yes, but there are some important things to know. We encourage couples to attend with a complete and clear understanding that you will not always be able to work together all the time. Understand that you and your partner will also work with other men in online breakout groups, and with the entire collective of The Brotherhood. 

Who should NOT join The Brotherhood

Anyone who doesn’t respect others’ boundaries or consent. Anyone who wants to participate in an activity involving sexual energy but doesn’t care to learn sacred sexuality principles which underpin the practice. Anyone opposed to modalities within the sacred sexuality practice, such as the group circle, meditation or breathwork


While all experiences are optional, respect for the practices is required by those who choose not to participate.


How much nudity is going to happen? 

Not all practices will be naked or include genital touch, however as a sacred intimacy school, there will be group practices which invite your nudity, genital touch, sexual expression and arousal. There are no expectations on you to do this, and your safety and boundaries are always top priority. This is the group to explore your sexual expression. 

What if I feel uncomfortable or that some of the practices aren't for me?

You’re always welcome to take an observational role or opt out of experiences if they do not feel right for you. Your sovereignty and personal safety are a key priority for me. I recognise that this work's intimate and vulnerable nature may mean that not every practice will feel aligned with you.

Why is there an application process to  join The Brotherhood? 

The application process ensures everyone participating in the intimacy school has the right intentions and expectations. This safety step helps to make everyone who attends feel safe. 

Scholarship, Payment Plans & Cancellation


How does the Scholarship Work?

Those interested to apply for a share of the scholarship funds (total pool $3000 AUD) need to indicate their interest in the application form. During a zoom conversation, I will guide you in a small embodiment practice to help you determine the appropriate monetary value to gift you from the pool. My intention is to make this program as accessible as possible. 


Payment terms and Deposit

A $200AUD is required to secure your enrolment into the brotherhood. 

The Brotherhood can be paid for in a lump sum, or as a payment plan in 4 monthly instalments, as long as all payments are received by 30th May 2024. 


What is the policy for refunds or cancellations?

Cancellations will forfeit the $200AUD deposit. Cancellation on payment plans are subject to a 25% cancellation fee of the total value of the program. 

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