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Guided Embodied Self Intimacy is the ultimate self-connection piece to feel what your body has been trying to feel. 


This powerful modality drops you straight into your body to feel and heal what's not serving you anymore.


This practice does not have to be a sexual practice and sexual energy does not have to be involved if that isn't your intention. It is however a full-permission piece practice where WHATEVER needs to come through to be healed is given space to do so.

Andreas will hold you deeper than other practitioners are willing to go, and will guide you gently along the way with love and compassion. All of you is able to be seen, held and given permission.

shirtless naked man touching chest

 Gain Confidence
in Yourself & Your Body

Lovingly reconnect to your body with intention, to open up your confidence and heal body shame. 


Develop deep trust, love and respect for your body 

Understand what turns you and what doesn't, so that you can powerfully ignite your intimacy with yourself and your sexual partner(s).


We create safety in your body to feel stuck feelings and sensations, move through stored blockages in the body and let go of old stories so you can get confident from deep within yourself.  


naked tattooed man showing butt and back

Heal & Reclaim your Intimate Empowerment

Address, heal and let go of doubt and confusion in your sexual expression

Heal sex addiction, porn addiction, or habits that you know are holding you back. 


Discover safety to explore the hidden desires within you that you haven't previously given the space to emerge. Unlock the keys to your sexual empowerment. 

Breath, movement, sound and touch gently give you clarity and healing to heal, and reclaim your sexual power. 

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Take Your Experience of Sexual Energy to the Next Level

Learn how to integrate and unify your sexuality  & your spirituality 

Tap into the power of manifesting through your sexual energy - this is sex magick!

Use your eros (kundalini) and life-force energy to charge your creativity and tap into deeper states of cosmic bliss and spiritual connection. 

Andreas holds you with deep spiritual presence  and love to facilitate powerful changes in your awareness. 



Embodied Self Intimacy is guided via zoom (anywhere in the world) or face to face in Canberra/ Snowy Monaro, Australia. A session can be clothed with the permission to move into nudity as you wish to. Arousal & erotic touch are all welcome as part of your full experience, and are not expected or necessary. 


 A typical session looks like: 

  • Discussing your current intentions, what you're experiencing in your self-connection, body-image, self-pleasure and wider life;

  • Descending into your body through breath and visualisation/ meditation technique;

  • Being guided to connect to your body through awareness,  breath, movement, sound & touch - following the sensations - the peaks and valleys, both the pleasurable and uncomfortable to feel the aliveness in your body. 

  • Every session is different; examples of what might unfold include tracing sensations as they move through the body, exploring new ways to move and interact with the body, cultivating sexual energy, learning how to integrate your energetic centres/ chakras, exploring stuck energy in your body that wants to move + so much more. 

  • Debrief the experience, discuss what occurred from the mental layer to unpack learnings and observations; 

  • Discuss integration tasks until the following session.


"A word or two about my experience with Andreas’ Embodied Intimacy practice. I wasn’t entirely sure why I felt I needed to do it, but my intuition told me that I needed growth in my body confidence. It felt out of my comfort zone, all the more reason it was important for me to give it a try. Bottom line: I had a truly impactful and positive experience, and I learned and felt things in my body that I couldn’t possibly have anticipated. Andreas is truly a professional. He is extremely kind, sensitive, articulate, and able to go exactly to the place you need. I’m grateful to him for this experience. (-Michael, Chicago USA) 

"When I saw Andreas... I just knew that I needed this type of healing. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity from Andreas to dive deep into embodiment practice. There is something to be said about vulnerability and feeling safe in that space. I am forever grateful for learning the parts of this that I have learned and to Andreas for sharing this space and wisdom. To be opened up and guided through embodiment is something that I desperately needed... It is truly so beneficial to my soul to now be in my body and to have processed everything it was holding onto. I resonate with this wisdom and I will continue to apply this practice for the rest of my time in my body. Thank you, Andreas! I still learn from you and this practice to this day."
(-Maxine, USA)


  • Q: Who is this for? 

    • A: Everyone. All bodies, all gender expressions, all sexual identities are welcome. ​Anyone that wishes to explore their intimate connection to themselves and their body. 

  • Q: What are Andreas' Qualifications? 

  • Q: Where are the in-person sessions held? 

    • A: I can either come to you, or I hold the sessions at a private studio in Canberra (Kingston)/ Sydney (Ultimo)/ Snowy Mountains (Cooma).

  •  Q: If I choose to explore my sexuality in guided embodiment, is it then just a fancy masturbation practice? 

    • A: Masturbation has the goal to achieve arousal, orgasm and/or ejaculation. Embodied Self  Intimacy has no goal​ to generate or stimulate arousal if it isn't there, however as all parts of us are welcome, arousal, orgasm and/ or ejaculation are welcome should the body feel the desire and safety to go there. Your old masturbation habits will seem like a boring and unsatisfying memory when you experience the depths of your true pleasure and intimacy. 

  • Q: Do I need to be nude to do this? ​

    • A: No, but it is fully permitted. Just as arousal is welcomed but not expected, so is nudity and genital touch. We work with where your body wants to go.

  • Q: Are you ever nude?

    • A: It will depend on your intentions for practicing, and what we are working on. ALL of the work can be done with me clothed, however I will also be naked if the session naturally demands this, or if it is conducive to your experience. 

  • Q: Do you recommend zoom or in person sessions? ​

    • A: Both. Zoom sessions are incredibly potent due to being in your own safe space. Yes! You can do this practice with me anywhere in the world.  The magic of the practice transcends physical distance. In-person sessions are available in Canberra, or The Snowy Monaro region in Australia. 

  • Q: Do you touch me in the in-person sessions? 

    • A: Sometimes, if guided from my intuition or from spirit, and always with your full consent. Mostly I hold the energetic space and guide you through my voice. 

  • Q: What is the difference between embodied self intimacy and your tantra work? ​​

    • A: Embodied self intimacy has less philosophy, set-practices and specific techniques than tantra. It is focussed on deeply connecting to your body, whether sexually or not, under the guidance of Andreas. Tantra places a larger focus on spiritual enquiry and learning sacred-erotic practices as part of the tantra-system. In tantric work, I can also weave my own sexual energy into the session (when it is appropriate and consented to do so). Often, many clients will start with Embodied Self Intimacy, so that they can than expand into tantric work. 

  • Q: How long do sessions go for? ​

    • A: 75 minutes, or based on discussion. ​

  • Q: How many sessions should I do? ​

    • A: Everyone is different. I work in packages of sessions to energetically commit to the journey of deepening your experience in your body, to truly learn the practice, and to get the most out of your journey. Book a complimentary 30 minute call now, obligation free, to discuss options. Booking button below. 

  • Q: Can I bring my partner/ friend to my session? 

    • A: Yes, you may bring a partner or friend to your session. See Pricing link above for additional costs.

  • Q: Can I mix this with your other offerings? 

    • A: Yes, you can mix all of my other offerings into a package, or we can focus solely on this practice throughout your package. ​

  • Q: Are special prices available? 

    • Concession & student rates available - email me to discuss options. Afterpay & payment plans accepted. 


It makes sense. This work isn't for everyone, 

and it takes a lot of balls to start exploring your layers in sacred sexuality practice. Sacred sexuality is an unexplored frontier which offers a more connected, loving and potent form of sexual expression most people don't even have language for. It can be daunting to go for it, and I know that because I felt exactly the same way before my first ever nude yoga class. 


I've created a full, uncensored 60 minute Tantric erotic self touch class which you can do at home, at your own pace, when you're ready. Designed for men who love men.  

In this class expect to see me vulnerably showing up raw to guide you in exploring: 

  • Tantric breathwork to drop you into your body and connect you with your eros

  • Erotic self-touch techniques from ancient sacred sexuality to spice up your self-intimacy

  • Nude yoga sequences and poses to increase your sexual potency and feel good in your body,

  • Sexual energy work to show you how to move sexual energy up your spine and into your higher energy centres (chakras) - the keystone to becoming a sexual super saiyan. 

  • Learn the foundations of sacred sexuality to feel more confident, enhance your sexual confidence and link your sex & spirit. 

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