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What Percentage of the Population are Each Human Design Type?

Is your Human Design Aura Type common, or is your experience super unique? Let's find out!

handrawn diagram of the 5 aura types in human design
The 5 Aura Types in Human Design

Human Design is undoubtedly in its up and coming era. The Washington Post listed human design as "in" on it's 2023 Perspective List on What's In and What's Out

It's clear that knowing your human design in 2023 and beyond is going to set you up for success. In this blog post we will discuss the 5 Aura Types and what % of the population exist as each type.

To learn more about the human design system, or to get your own human design chart read, you can go here.

What is Your Aura Type?

Aura Type is the most fundamental aspect of your human design chart. You could know everything else about your human design, but it wouldn't make sense unless you knew your aura type.

You aura, is the energetic field that radiates around you up to a couple metres or so. It impacts two important things:

  • How you feel the world around you; and

  • How others in the world feel you.

This has a profound influence on your experiences throughout your life.

Let's dive into how common each aura type is, going from least common to most common.


Reflector human design aura type

Reflectors represent just 1% of the population. If you are a reflector, know that you are very unique and that your experience of the world is unlikely going to match most of your friends, family and colleagues.

The aura of a reflector is sampling - it picks up everything from the world around it and soaks it in, samples it, and then moves on. Reflectors can come across to others, as quite different, depending on the people and spaces they find themselves in. This is because their aura absorbs the essence of the context they're in.

My tip for reflectors - be high maintenance about the people and spaces that you spend time in. You are the most sensitive/ empathic type in the human design system. If the cafe doesn't feel right, trust that and find something better - it will help you feel at peace.

What to avoid as a reflector - not giving yourself enough alone time to ground and decompress from the day. Reflectors' auras are sampling and take in everything that's going on around them (whether you're aware of it or not). Giving yourself time in your own energy will help you declutter your brain and your energy field, and help you decrease stress and anxiety levels.


manifestor human design aura type

Representing around 8-10% of the population, Manifestors have a broadcasting & protecting aura (part of the reasons why they're so good at manifesting!).

Manifestors aura's will push away all the people that aren't a match for them, so that they can attract the right people who are ready to hear their message, or help them create and collaborate on their projects and ideas. It's a powerful aura that protects the manifestor from investing their powerful energy into the wrong people.

Chances are, when you're around a manifestor, you will either love them, or their unique brilliance will trigger you away.

My tip for manifestors - Inform the important people in your life about what you're doing. Sometimes it's easy for manifestors to proceed with their desires and plans without informing others which can cause confusion amongst family members, friends or colleagues. Telling the right people what you're getting up to (which is NOT asking for permission) will help smooth out the path for you.

What to avoid as a manifestor - trying to be liked by everyone. The protective aura can sometimes be hard, especially when growing up, as we all want to be liked by everyone. Remember that the people that come your way will genuinely like you for you, and if they aren't attracted to your energy, you don't need to deal with them for long. Being authentic will keep the right people by you, and the wrong people away so your energy stays clear.


projector human design aura type

Designed to be the guides of the aquarian age we all find ourselves in, projectors represent about 18-20% of the population. They have a unique aura which is both absorbing and penetrating.

Projectors, like empaths, will absorb the energy and feeling of the space around them subconsciously. This means they can easily sense the truth of what is going on energetically around them. When they focus in on something/ someone, their aura is penetrating, meaning it will be deeply, and personally, felt by the other. For this reason the strategy for projector's is to "wait for the invitation" to ensure that the other is ready and willing to be felt/ seen so deeply by them.

My tip for projectors - Make yourself visible. By shining your light, authentically, you will attract more invitations into your life. It's not about forcing yourself to be seen, but graciously standing in who you are and your message so that other's will feel your essence, and the right people will invite you in.

What to Avoid as a projector - expecting everyone will see you as deeply as you see them. As a human design projector, you will likely desire to be seen deeply by others because you yourself see others so deeply. Some people will do this for you, and others will not. Release the expectation that everyone will want to go as deep as you may. This will ease bitterness.

Manifesting Generators

manifesting generator human design aura type
Manifesting Generator

About 32% of the population are manifesting generators. Manifesting generators have a buzzy and warm aura that invites people into it with pizzaz. They are often very friendly, and people are naturally attracted to their energy.

My tip for manifesting generators - trust what lights you up, and what doesn't. You're designed to really listen to your body and your gut. If something feels exciting and lights you up, then you know that your body is saying "yes". If something feels icky, sinking or deflating then your body is telling you its a "no" or a a "not yet". You're designed to trust this.

What to avoid as a manifesting generator - keeping yourself in a box. Give yourself permission to have multiple interests and be multi-talented. Manifesting generators, out of all the types, tend to have the most variety in their interests and talents. Society will tell you to 'hold down your job' and stick with something for X amount of years, but as a mani-gen you're designed to let your interests change over time. Don't hold yourself back because you think you have to be more consistent!


generator human design aura type

Generators are the most common type, representing approximately 35% of the population. Like manifesting-generators, they have a warm and inviting energy that is very encompassing (like a big hug). Generators, when they feel good, will light up a room with their friendly presence and attract people towards them. They're designed to make stuff happen and are the engine of our world.

Side note: When Ra Uru Hu, the founder of human design, introduced the types, he placed Generators and Manifesting Generators together. In traditional human design, Manifesting Generators are considered to be a sub-type of Generators as their aura types behave very similarly. The main difference is that manifesting generators have a more buzzy aura (without getting too complex, mani gen's have a defined throat centre, meaning they can create easily from their communication and their words (hence the word "Manifesting" in the name)). If you take this into consideration, Generators/ Mani Gens represent about 70-75% of the population.

My tip for generators - like manifesting generators, trust what lights you up, and what doesn't. You're designed to really listen to your body and your gut. If something feels exciting and lights you up, then you know that your body is saying 'yes'. If something feels icky, sinking or deflating then your body is telling you its a "no" or a a "not yet". You're designed to trust this.

What to Avoid as a generator - sticking to something that doesn't light you up. I get it, real life means we have to work jobs and keep food on the table. There are practical considerations we all have maintain and be aware of. However, if something doesn't truly light you up (a relationship, a job, etc), try your best to start pivoting away from it or changing it up (e.g. staying in the same workplace but in a new team, or speaking to your partner about ways you can encourage newness or fresh energy between you). Staying in something you really don't like is the best way to dull your energy as a generator.

  • Generators 35%

  • Manifesting Generators 32%

  • Projectors 18-20%

  • Manifestors 8-10%

  • Reflectors 1%

Ofcourse, we can't know the exact percentages, so keep in mind these are all approximations.

So there you have it! Now we know the percentages, it's important to state that no type is better than the other. All human design types are here for a unique reason. Your soul chose your type strategically and specifically. To learn more about your individual human design chart and to gain clarity on how you're designed to thrive, I offer foundational, advanced and group/ team human design readings.

Ask your questions below or email

Much love,




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