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Why Everyone's Talking about Human Design Charts in 2023

Updated: Apr 25

Human Design is becoming more validated and increasingly popular. Why is this astrological chart modality, which came to be in the 1980s, just now taking off in 2023? What can it tell you about yourself?

a google trends line graph depicting the increase in human design interest from 2004 to 2023
Google Trends graph showing the worldwide increase in interest for Human Design between 2004-2023

Have you Seen it on your Instagram Feed yet?

Human Design is making headway BIG TIME. All of a sudden every second yoga teacher is also a human design reader (*raises hand*...guilty).

There's no scientific reason why a modality that's been around for 50 years is now becoming cool, but as a human design chart reader myself, I have a few ideas:

  • The information it gives you isn't just woo-woo. Sure, a human design chart reading will talk about your aura and your energy centres...but ultimately human design is extremely actionable and refreshingly practical for an esoteric system. It clearly outlines what you can do to help you thrive, and what is going to exacerbate blocks on your path.

  • The system is designed for modern people living busy contemporary lives. The human design system is all about the ways that you can make little choices every day that add up to big changes in your fulfilment and flow. You don't have to go through a a shamanic plant medicine pilgrimage to Peru in order to experience mental clarity.

  • In 2023, the proof is in your peer's experiences. Enough people have now experienced how life changing and empowering human design readings are, that the system has hit the mainstream (I wrote about how the Washington Post listed Human Design as "In for 2023" in my last blog post "What Percentage of the Population are Each Human Design Type?". We've hit the critical-mass point, and our friend's are now validating the system's usefulness by recounting their own experiences.

What Will Human Design Give me?

By understanding your human design chart you will get A LOT of clarity in A LOT of areas within your life. I've compiled my favourite 5 pieces of clarity that you can get from your own human design chart (and no, if you're a human design's not your aura type):

  1. How to easily make decisions - in human design speak: your authority. Omfg, thank you. Finally, something to tell you how to make decisions easily. Gut feeling? Talk it out with a trusted friend? Trust your instinct? Wait for emotional neutrality? Human design tells you how you can make decisions that are the most aligned for you so you don't have to second guess yourself anymore.

  2. What you'll (likely) want out of a relationship - in human design speak: your definition. This one is my personal favourite. I light up every time I read this part of someone's human design chart, because it's so useful. Your definition tells you what you'll likely desire in your relationship. To keep it simple, it typically falls into three categories: strong independence (I really don't need you, but I do I want you), strong companionship (I want to find my other half), or the need for freedom and flexibility within relationships (I want a strong relationship, but it better have variety). The extra cool thing about definition is that you can learn your partner(s) definition(s) too so that you can understand their relationship needs. Hello healthy relationship dynamics.

  3. How to market yourself (or your business) - in human design speak: your undefined centres and your channels. Maybe bro marketing really will work for you? Or is that going to fall so flat you'll wish you had your human design chart read BEFORE you invested all that cash into your ad campaign!? Human Design can show you where your empathy and wisdom centres lie (not just mentally, but the ones that are FELT the deepest by your target market) which gives you the clarity to know what to talk about in your marketing so that it lands every time.

human design chart of a splenic projector
My Human Design Chart (6/2 Splenic Projector)

4. Where you are vulnerable and may face challenges - in human design speak: your undefined and open centres. Look, it can't all be rose coloured glasses. Human design will help you understand the areas you will likely face challenge, conditioning and vulnerability in during your lifetime. This powerful insight helped me to contextualise where I thought I was broken and gave me the tools to become wise around them. My favourite example is the feeling I always have of being in a rush. Even when my work day consists of just 1 meeting, all of the micro-tasks throughout the day feel super important, top priority, and I feel the pressure to get them done like yesterday. I used to get stressed about a Sunday afternoon walk with friends. I hated myself for it. Then I learnt about my open root centre and everything changed. Now I can contextualise that feeling of pressure in my body, which gives me the power and the insight to choose how I act, rather than react.

5. Spaces that you will feel freaking good in - in human design speak: your second variable (the bottom right arrow). I once did a human design party corporate team reading and cheekily showed everyone the best places they could sit in a restaurant so that they could have an epic night. It was all based on their variables. It's not just about restaurants either. Knowing this information can help you plan your office space or even which city you decide to move to when you take that sea change.

That's my personal favs. Maybe you have others? If you've had a human design reading let me know what piece of info really stuck with you in the comments.

To organise your own online human design reading with me, you can check out my reading options.

Much love,


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